Raytheon Introduces New Radiotelephone

Raytheon Marine Company has introduced a new low-cost 25-watt radiotelephone for mariners with short-to-medium-range communications requirements.

The RAY-48A is a 12-channel set with two weather channels. It is supplied with channels 6 (ship-to-ship, safety), 16 (distress and calling), 22A (Coast Guard communications), 26 and 28 (marine operator), 68 (ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore), and weather 1 installed.

Measuring approximately 3 inches by 8 inches by 8 inches deep and weighing 5y2 pounds, the compact unit can be easily installed overhead, on a bulkhead, under a dash or flush mounted. It operates on 12 volts dc with a power drain of 4.5 amps. Its transmitting power output of 25 watts is the maximum allowed by law. The transmitting output can also be reduced with a front panel switch to one watt for inharbor operation.

FCC type acceptance and receiver certification have both been received for the RAY-48A. Its list price is $399. Additional information and complete specifications can be obtained from John Millard, Raytheon Marine Company, 676 Island Pond Road, Manchester, N.H. 03103.

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